Sorsasta is a mental health professional and she shares her passion on her social media channels, including her 74k Instagram following. She uses her voice for inspiration, encouragement and motivation to self care. Over the last 5 years she has lived with Guillaine Barre Syndrome, which is a rare neurological disorder that had left her paralysed. She has had to develop the strength to learn to walk, write and hold a mug again, many things that most of us take for granted each and every day. She shares her story with others to inspire and motivate the importance of self care.


    She has hosted panel discussions and workshops for mental health, body positivity and finding inner greatness. Further to this, Sorsasta is regularly asked to speak at brand events and conferences for her mental health and social media expertise.


    Sorsasta has collaborated with brands such as PureGym, Dermalogica, Daily Fix Me app, The Mind Map, HomeCooked UK & Topshop.



    Sorsasta uses her voice to inspire and motivate others. She has hosted live panels, Q&A's and lead keynotes for

    mental health and fashion events.


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    Yasmin Kurt

    Founder of The Wonders Of...

    "I invited Sorsasta to speak at a Bloggers meet Brands event in Liverpool. Not only were the blogging tips she gave extremely useful but her bubbly, down to earth, motivational personality shone through which made her talk so much more relatable and enjoyable"

    Linda Bennett

    School Governor of Lathom High School

    "Sorsasta delivered a speech to year 11 students on mental health, giving her own examples which helped the students connect with her. She is a very generous, warm and understanding woman and all of the students' feedback was amazing. They formed positive discussions and debates about what was discussed. She had an impact on our commmunity school and the young people's lives."

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